Five easy hacks on how to advertise a cleaning business

Finding new clients is a challenging task for just about any business, but it can be especially tricky for companies that operate within the cleaning industry.

You may ask why?

Trust is a significant factor in any relationship, and this is one of many reasons why word of mouth advertisement is so useful. Most companies master word of mouth pretty well but convincing an online audience will require a different set of tools.

Here are five digital marketing hacks that will help you increase your social engagement and lead generation.

1. Develop a Conversion Focused Website

One of the main objectives of your website is lead generation. It is your 24/7 salesperson, brochure, and business card, all wrapped in a neat package.

A website is one of your most useful tools because if implemented correctly it will serve as a guide that will educate your visitors on the value of your services and encourage visitors to choose you instead of another competitor.

We recommend a modern layout theme that has a strong use of white space in order to communicate a professional image and provide the right impression of your business. Testimonials included in your website layout will serve as effective tools for communicating your quality of service. Three testimonials is the standard, we recommend against exceeding four unless you have a professional that is designing your page.


2. Local Search Marketing  

Local Search Marketing is a dedicated internet search engine that focuses on a geographically constricted search area and presents the user with locally listed businesses.

Local search marketing is all about putting your business in front of your local customers that are searching for a business like yours.

Google and Bing both have powerful local search engines. The phrase “near me” is one of the most common searched terms on this platform.

Google provides a free local listing platform, called Google My Business (GMB). GMB is an open platform listing that ties into local search references and Google Maps.  It’s essential to optimize your GMB account service listing with words that directly correlate with your business, particularly for the services you provide.



3. Retargeting

Retargeting with social media and search engines is one of the most effective lead generation techniques a business can utilize. Even with a high ranking on a search engine and a well-received website, many possible customers will not convert the first time they visit your site. It is just the nature of how people behave online. Retargeting is essential because if the visitor is interested in your service maybe they just need a gentle reminder or nudge to complete the sale.

4. Create a Promotional Video

The most common image in the cleaning industry is the before and after picture. A wise man once stated, “Why fit in if you were born to stand out”-Dr. Seuss.  Video is a very effective advertisement platform and it is very efficient at communicating your message because the customer must use multiple senses to understand your communication.

Pro Tip: Comedy is the most preferred medium and if done correctly it will increase your notoriety and increase your chances of viral marketing (customers resharing your messaging and increasing your reputation.) Comedy done wrong can easily offend or fail to communicate your message. If you choose to use comedy test and retest among various groups and most importantly with your ideal customer’s persona.

Video content is easy to take in on the phone. We prefer to use a professional videographer in order to catch the best angles and communicate the best message.

Very few cleaning services invest in video missing an effective way to communicate their value. 

5. Unique Value Proposition

The most important part of your advertising efforts and your marketing labors is the final sale… We get there by distinguishing ourselves from the other cleaning services by presenting a unique value position or what is special about our service.

You need to make it clear how your organization is better or different than your competitor… Every business owner including us has a strong belief that we provide great customer service so we encourage you to be a little more unique. We also recommend that your unique value proposition is a clear and concise statement.

Studies have shown long drawn out phrases are easily forgotten or confused. Our organization believes the questions you need to ask are… what are your prices, are you cheaper than your competitor, are you faster, and/or are you more reliable?  Do you use non-toxic cleaning products or take steps to protect the environment? These are some of the questions that may be asked.


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Our job is to understand and take care of our customer needs and provide efficient and expedient solutions. Marketing can be a unique concept and understanding some of these tactics may be a challenge, Blade Marketing and Design is always available to help you with the details to ensure you get on the right track. Blade Marketing and Design specializes in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing