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Graphical Creations 

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Blade Marketing and Design looks forward to teaming up with you and understanding your needs. We provide graphical design services that will assist you in communicating the right message by using imagery and a unique perspective.

Our graphical designer’s focus is precision and detail. We pride ourselves on developing and delivering visual impressions with a uniqueness in quality that drives your message directly to your “Targeted Market.”


Design Philosophy 

creative solutions

The Blade Marketing Design team believes in being problem solvers. We use our services to frame ideas, project attitudes, and most importantly communicate your message.

We will be your partner in creating and communicating your message.

Our process is simple:


  1. Initial consultation
  2. Contract creation
  3. Initial creation
  4. Revision process
  5. Project close-out

Social Media Graphical Designs

We create unique social media graphics, that will assist you in grabbing attention and aid in your messaging strategy.

Business/Party Flyer Designs

We can create a unique party and business flyer that is customized for you and your needs.

Food Truck Menu Design

We create unique metal food truck menus that communicates your quality and professionalism.  

Food Truck restaurant Menu

Our Creation Process

Initial Consultation

The first step is the consultation, we can speak over the phone or in person. The overall goal is that we understand your desired goals at the project end state.

Contract Creation

The contract creation is important for both parties, we will ensure we capture your goals and identify what is not and price accordantly.

We will require half payment down at this point.

Revision Process

The revision process is to perfect your work

Project Closeout

We will review your process and ensure we met your needs. We request the remaining payment and provide files. 

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