Marketing can be described as the science behind the purchase. It can be segmented into different areas of interest, but the overall concept is to provide the consumers demand for the company’s product.

One of the most important decisions a company or business will make is customer identification. Customer identification is necessary because it is connecting the demand with supply. Some customers may prefer uniqueness while others may value uniformity. The organization benefits from identifying these qualities and using this knowledge effectively. A current trend that is being used is adding individuality to a product packaging. Coca-Cola new marketing strategy included individual names written on the packaging. The packaging increased awareness of the product and added a new experience to what use to be considered an uneventful experience. Budweiser is trying a similar marketing technique by adding football teams to there can beverages.

The customer is the most important aspect of the marketing strategy. The company can have the best product or service in the world but without the person to buy it is essentially useless. The organizations first need to establish who the customer is and then create a strategy to how on how they will connect them with their product.